A busy Memorial Day weekend, playing and working

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This weekend was a great one for getting things done. I took Thursday and Friday off, so the fam got a chance to do some stuff together, and I even got a couple projects done around the house. (Thank you to all those who serve bravely, so the rest of us have the freedom to pursue our own interests in relative safety and comfort.)

McKinley Museum

If you're in the Canton area and get a chance to go to the McKinley Museum, it's an interesting place to hang for a day. The kids loved it, and I found it pretty fascinating too. How would I describe it? I'm not sure if President McKinley just had varied interests or the director of the museum has ADHD, but it has a little bit of everything.

The kids completing a scavenger hunt in the nature area.

Robotics in the science and technology area

A tornado simulator

They constructed an 18th century neighborhood, including a fire station, barber shop, apothecary, etc.

There's an area that changes themes periodically. This month was apparently 'things that will make your parents feel sooo ooold'.

The former president and first lady are interred in a separate mausoleum nearby.

Garden ver.2017

Finally got the garden ready to go too. Trying to place figure out where the plants should go is always the most time-consuming part for me, not made easier when someone keeps asking "are you ready to plant seeds yet?" every few minutes! Some grow 6 inches but need 3 feet of space; others grow 2 feet but need 4 inches of space. An idea for an app is formulating in my mind if I can figure out how to do it... hmm...

Brought out the indoor garden Gianna and I made. Gotta be careful with these so we don't shock them.

The cleaning crew came in, but instead of getting the weeds and pine needles, they were trying to rid the garden of pesky worms and roly poly bugs. Get what you pay for I guess...

Trimmed back, cleaned up, and fresh peat moss and miracle-gro. Ready to go...

It was getting dark by this point, but everything's in except the indoor veggies. We'll give those a couple weeks in the shade before placing them in full sunlight.

This is post #5 in my personal challenge to do #30DaysOfBlogging. I'm hoping this short-term challenge will help me become more comfortable with blogging in general. I expect some hits and misses; hopefully something here inspires you.


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