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What's a PR?

If you somehow ended up here wondering what exactly a PR (pull request) is, well then wonder no more!

Imagine you hire someone to add a new room onto your house, and maybe renovate a couple others. You planned the work out ahead of time, and checked in with each other a few times during the work, but at the end he goes over all the changes with you. The PR is when you tell him 20 things to change, 10 more things to scrap, and hey.. one of the renovated rooms actually has to be put back to the way it was! πŸ˜‰

Okay, not everything about a PR directly relates to real life.

A PR is the last opportunity your team has to offer input, advice, and (hopefully constructive) critiques of your code before you stamp it with a big checkmark and merge it all into master. If it's just you, there's no point in PRs... unless you just like talking to the wall or whatever.

But if there's 2 of you, it never hurts to get a second pair of eyes on your code. Steve Smith (aka Ardalis) wrote about what a typical PR process looks like.

A Stunning Confession

I have something to admit... I don't always do a great job as a pull requestee.

Sometimes I just glance at the code; other times I'll research a new piece of syntax. I might run a piece of code I'm curious about in erl, irb, or one of the many fiddles. Once in awhile, I'll setup an environment to run the new code or at least make sure the tests pass (even though we have an automated build that runs them). Partly, I don't have a list to go on so it's easy to just do whatever "feels" like enough at the moment and get back to my own work.

I'm sure I'm the only one... πŸ˜…

Lists Fix Everything

Well, in an effort to challenge myself and you, dear reader, I humbly submit a PR review checklist in a Trello board... a PRRCIATB for short. 😝 Click on any of the tasks to open the board in a larger window. It's public but locked to editing - if you signup for your own account, you can copy the board and make it your own!

It's an ongoing WIP, but let me know if you think I should add something.

Also, I've enabled comments for all Trello users, so feel free to leave a comment under a card if you think of something to add or change. (After I address it, I'll delete the comment to keep things clean.)

Here's a direct link if the embedded iframe breaks - they'll probably disallow it eventually. Pull Review Checklist | Trello


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