Our MSDN accounts at work come with 50 free hours of Azure service per month, use or lose it. I’ve been meaning for quite awhile to figure out how exactly to cash in on these free credits, but I took a cursory look around the main Microsoft site and logged into my MSDN account, didn’t see anything popping out at me, and gave up.

So last night, I figured I’d finally do it. Pretty straightforward, really.

  1. Visit the main Azure site and click the “Try it now” button.SignupAzureMsdn001
  2. Enter your MSDN credentials: SignupAzureMsdn002
  3. Make sure you click the “Select the Upgrade Offer” link. (Otherwise, you’ll start a trial and probably be prompted for credit card information.) SignupAzureMsdn003
  4. A few required fields to fill out, a quick verification process (via text msg or automated phone call), and of course the obligatory terms and conditions, which I always diligently read. :p SignupAzureMsdn004
  5. Press “Call me” or “Send text message”; after a moment, the “Verify code” fields appears. SignupAzureMsdn006
  6. Plug in the 6-digit code from the automated service and hit “Verify code”. SignupAzureMsdn007
  7. Press “Sign up” and twiddle your thumbs for a few seconds. SignupAzureMsdn008
  8. It takes you to a new screen for a minute while things are setup. Try twiddling your toes. SignupAzureMsdn009
  9. This one lasts a few minutes. Enough time for a quick bathroom break, remember to wash your hands. Doesn’t appear to hold anything up (as the message indicates), as you can click around and do whatever.

10. I refreshed a few times; after about 10 minutes, it showed my remaining unicorn bucks credits. SignupAzureMsdn011

Now when you come back, you can go straight to the Azure site and click “My Account”.


And login with your MSDN credentials again.


Now off to read the tutorial and setup my first, um… Azure.. thing.