Short post tonight. My 10 yo came to me the other day and said she'd like to build a robot. This is good for two reasons.

  1. I've been meaning to do something like this and kids are great at pushing you to do something you've been meaning to do but haven't. If I'm really lucky, she'll ask about it every night for the next year if I don't move on it. It's like this awesome alarm that goes off every day, at random times, and there's no shutoff or plug or battery or receipt or anything!
  2. I can open the budget up for this kinda thing. I mean, if it's me, well I might buy a gadget here and there. Or save something for the Christmas list. But this is for the kids! The kids. And a good parent does anything for their kids. :p

I'm not really sure where to start though. I have a Pi that I've messed around with a bit, but not an Arduino. Not really sure whether or not that would be more appropriate for the task. I've got a small battery pack but nothing too fancy... I've seen some people power a Pi for hours off a larger one. That'd be interesting to try, mounting it on the back of a robot to control it.

But then what about the robot itself? I definitely don't want to just buy a kit with full instructions, unless maybe all the parts are reusable. This could be a really cool learning experience for the both of us. I suppose I'll look for a kit of commonly used parts on Amazon, similar to the Vilros pack I bought that Pi stuff in it. Or the kit I got that had a bunch of Arduino sensors (I got the joystick working with the Pi... really need to do something with that again). Or maybe browse the Adafruit site.

Lots to think about. I've got a nice corner of the basement setup with a table, shelves of kits, and all safely out of the way of the baby. It's unfinished, but that makes it a great spot to do pretty much anything without worrying about making a mess, not to mention the project can sit for weeks without being in anyone's way!

I'm looking forward to this already...

This is post #16 in my personal challenge to complete 30 Days of Blogging. My goal is to become more comfortable with blogging in a more frequent and informal manner.