60 Minutes to Hello

Golden HammerOver the years, I’ve fallen into the trap of using a single language fairly exclusively. Don’t get me wrong… C# is a versatile, general-purpose, mature language. But it’s one of many, and just because you can solve every problem with one language or tool doesn’t mean you should!

We can’t be experts in everything, but we should at least know what’s available, and what problems each solves. When faced with a new problem, it’d be nice to have a good idea of the best tool for the job, instead of reaching for the same ol’ golden hammer.

Programming books frequently start off with a “Hello World” style app. It’s just a light scratch on the surface, but it gets your hands dirty early on. My goal in these posts is not to make anyone an expert (not even close), but to get you up and running. Where you take it from there is up to you!

( Disclaimer: They might take more than 30 minutes. YMMV. :p )

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    If you’ve been developing software for any length of time you’ve probably used GitHub, whether as free hosting for your own personal project, or searching for a library to use, or collaboration on a team.

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