No code is too short or unpolished to inspire others

Was geeking out a bit yesterday. I got a ping from Twitter that someone had mentioned me, and I quickly read it and was like, oh cool someone found something I did with the Pi useful. And then, wait a sec... that name sounds familiar.

Pete Lomas is a cofounder of the Raspberry Pi, having designed the final hardware for it, and is also a trustee for the Raspberry Pi Foundation. He had a hand in arguably the most versatile and innovative computer available today in its (ridiculously low) price range..... and he found something I did useful. That's a good feeling. 🤓

I haven't been a huge contributor online - not in the way some people are, inventing cool new tools and languages and all that - but when I write a technical post I share my code. As I learned more about the Pi, I posted my Pi projects (really should revive that). When I wanted a way to sync Pinboard bookmarks with my browser, I wrote a chrome extension and shared it... and apparently at least a few people are using it because they've opened issues or asked questions.

I'm beginning to realize that there's nothing "magic" about sharing code and open-sourcing projects. It's just doing something, even something small maybe, and then putting it out there somewhere. It's kinda weird to open yourself up to the possibility of criticism, but my experience so far has been pretty good. If someone finds it and tries it, cool. If they find it really useful, awesome. And if they don't like it they can make something better!

(If you're looking for somewhere to start contributing, check out up-for-grabs. If you're starting out in a new language, not used to sharing code, or just looking for a personal challenge, check out 100 Days of Code.)

This is post #8 in my personal challenge to do #30DaysOfBlogging. I'm hoping this short-term challenge will help me become more comfortable with blogging in general. I expect some hits and misses; hopefully something here inspires or helps you.

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