Quotes 'n Notes #7

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Just a few of the inspirational and thoughtful stories and quotes I ran across this week. Come across any of your own that you'd like to share? I'm always looking for something interesting to read...

My Path To Evangelism
Trisha Gee shares her journey to becoming a serious blogger and public speaker. It took years, but she stayed focused and worked hard. I found a lot of what she said relatable and inspiring. This is pretty much exactly where I'm at right now: "If you’ve ever started a blog, you know the problem is thinking of things to write about. I generally documented things I'd had difficulty getting working, because a) if I had trouble with the existing documentation, other people would too and b) I have a memory like a goldfish, so it would be useful for me if nothing else. But it took me years to really take the blog seriously."

Starting a Business as a Developer In 2017
I have no desire to start my own business, but I found a lot of what Mo Bitar says familiar. As a programmer, I've had that feeling that every problem can be fixed with a little more code. It's probably not a bad thing, even if we're not personally selling the product we're working on, to be aware that there's more to a product than coding: "'More code means more features means better experience means more customers.' Wrong. (More code means more bugs.)"

Data Backup: Minimizing The Impact of Ransomware
This one's just more of a PSA. If anyone you know is not backing up their photos and other data somewhere (not even necessarily at Backblaze, although I like them and have had a good experience with them) then they're playing a game of russian roulette. Judging by how things have been going - the fact that WannaCrypt spread rapidly over the Internet and ripped through internal networks, and that anti-virus programs are largely impotent to protecting against ransomware - we'll probably all fall victim to it in one way or another eventually.

"If you know you have to write a blog post tomorrow, something in writing, something that will be around 6 months from now, about something in the world, you will start looking for something in the world to to write about. You will seek to notice something interesting and to say something creative about it."
~ Seth Godin, interview on the Unmistakable Creative Podcast

(Incidentally, this was part of a longer post on Seth Godin's advice, which you can read here.)

You can't keep the ground from shaking, no matter how hard you try. You can't keep the sunsets from fading, you gotta treat your life like you're jumping off a rope swing baby 'cause the whole thing's really just a shot in the dark.
~ "No Such Thing As A Broken Heart", Old Dominion


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I write when I've got something to share - a personal project, a solution to a difficult problem, or just an idea. We learn by doing and sharing. We've all got something to contribute.

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