2015 Update: Windows 10 was officially released on July 30.

I wrote a separate post (click here) on how to install Windows 10 in a virtual machine.

Windows 10 (tech preview) was announced yesterday, and as of a few hours ago, you can download it and try it out via the new Windows Insider Program(no mention of limiting the program at all… just visit the page and sign up). MS seems to be trying to get lots of feedback, early and often.

Setup VMware Player

I fired up a new virtual machine (you can download the Windows 10 preview ISO here).

It won’t detect the OS, so initially I selected “Other System, 64 bit”.


Um, no. That didn’t work.


Second try, chose “Windows 8, 64 bit”. I’m not sure what VMWare needs it for, but clearly it’s setting something up based on that selection.


Much better.

Setup Windows


The only time I paused for a moment was at this screen. Not sure where it was getting the existing PCs from. I have a VM instance of Windows 8 too. I suppose it saw that account sync’d to my Microsoft account and was offering to pull existing settings. Hopefully nothing that happens in Windows 10 corrupts my settings and syncs them back to Win 8. :p


I chose the “new PC” option instead, but interestingly it grabbed some options anyway, such as the desktop background I use in Windows 8.


The setup only took about 20 minutes (if that) on the instance I setup.

Getting Started and Community Support

There should be a “Welcome to Tech Preview” link on your desktop.

They’ve put together a How To tutorial to get you started.

Community Forums

There’s a link to the community forums, which only a few hours after the release already has roughly a hundred posts.

If you have a question to post, look for the “Participate” menu item near the top of the page.

Seems like “Ask a Question” should be more prominently displayed, right above the list of recent threads, since people are going to be using it a lot.


Windows Feedback app

There’s also a feedback app built into the OS. I’m not sure if that’s a permanent addition to Windows, or just an application for the preview versions.

It popped up randomly for me several times in the course of playing around, but they didn’t pin it to the Taskbar by default. In the Start Menu, you can find it as a live tile, or just type in “Windows Feedback” from the search field.

I’m not sure what the difference is between Windows Feedback and the community forums, whether the data is shared and visible between the two, or if they’re completely separate. Seems like they should mirror each other.


Looking forward to playing around with it more later.

License Terms

Here’s the first half of the license terms, for those interested.


Remember this is essentially beta software and MS is looking for feedback.

  • Don’t store critical / valuable info in here; you may lose it.
  • Don’t expect to get vital work done; it may occasionally crash n’ burn. I had it lock up twice tring to open the news app.
  • Don’t expect privacy. Microsoft wants feedback. All your data are belong to them.
  • Almost immediately, there were several questions in the community forums about whether participating in the preview would entitle users to a free copy of Win10. Don’t count on it.