5 Ways to Reclaim Space on Your Android Phone

I have a Moto E smartphone, which has pretty minimal specs (including internal memory), so I’m regularly looking for ways to make the most of limited resources. It’s barebones, but it gets the job done and I paid $100 for it. 2 years ago. Since that’s what the new Samsung and iPhone models cost every few months on the monthly plan, and I haven't figured how to make money grow in our garden, I’m cool with it. You’re here, so I can safely assume you’re in the same boat. I mean, unless you searched »

So. Many. Apps!! But should you really trust them all?

I just purchased a smart phone running Android last week, so of course I’ve been eagerly running through Google Play (the Android app store) every evening, looking for apps I never even knew I needed. Just. One. More. As of writing this, there are nearly 1.4 million apps in Google Play, and it grows every day. Google’s hosting them, so they must be safe, right? tl;dr... NO! The general rule I follow is to assume any app could be malicious, then try to prove that it’s unlikely. Here are a few things you might consider »