Maybe building a robot..? Four magic words... It's For The Kids!

Short post tonight. My 10 yo came to me the other day and said she'd like to build a robot. This is good for two reasons. I've been meaning to do something like this and kids are great at pushing you to do something you've been meaning to do but haven't. If I'm really lucky, she'll ask about it every night for the next year if I don't move on it. It's like this awesome alarm that goes off every day, at random times, and there's no shutoff or plug or battery or receipt or anything! I can open the »

We get paid to sweat the details

The cool part about being a developer is getting to solve new and interesting problems. I feel extremely lucky, in a world full of mundane jobs that quickly fall into repetitive routine, that I get paid to brainstorm and create. It's challenging and rewarding, especially when I see something I created working and being used. I've been working on a new product (well, a new version of an old product) for the last year and that's been awesome - most of what I do is new and interesting. But it wasn't always so. At my last job, I worked almost »