Migrating my blog from WordPress to Ghost

About a week ago I decided to migrate my blog to the Ghost platform. I'd been thinking about it for awhile - even installed it once or twice to play around with it - but never fully committed. Truth is, I didn't really want to switch. I knew that, however little, the process would certainly be more painful than doing nothing. So the pain of going through the switch had to be outweighed by the pain of not switching. I guess that finally happened. WordPress can do pretty much anything thanks to plugins, but that's its weakness too... especially if »

Securing Android on a Moto E (a walk through the Security settings)

I’m still fairly new to Android, and keep stumbling over features I didn’t know exist. Like last week, when I found and enabled the encryption feature. (And then factory reset the phone to disable it after noticing a performance hit. Ugh.) But it got me wondering what other features Android has provided for (reasonable) protection. So here’s a list of the reasonably fast, easy stuff to setup… shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to run down the list. Notes: To access security settings, open the Settings application and scroll down to the Security section. Also, I’ »