Creating Your Own Indoor Vegetable Garden

Since building my first raised garden bed a couple years ago (there’s a second one next to it now), I’ve really enjoyed growing our own veggies. It’s a fun project if you’re into that sorta thing – fairly easy to setup, cathartic in its rhythm (weed, water, harvest, repeat…), and the payoff half-way through summer is a lot of fresh snacks! Pretty much every weekend… End-of-summer harvest of basil We had lots of caprese salad! It can be a good activity for the whole family too. Most of the work is on me, which is fine since »

How (and why) I built my kids a bunk bed instead of buying one

Last summer, my wife was looking to reorganize the homeschool area of our living room. We had a few smallish book cases lining the wall, all different colors and sizes. They were beat up, shelves sagging. It was time to replace them, and she wanted something big enough to hold the dozens of text books, papers and other materials that homeschooling requires. We checked online, and quickly found one she liked from Ikea for $200, plus $130 (not a typo) to ship it (or a 7 hour drive to pick it up). At 6 feet high and wide, it’s »