Creating Your Own Indoor Vegetable Garden

Since building my first raised garden bed a couple years ago (there’s a second one next to it now), I’ve really enjoyed growing our own veggies. It’s a fun project if you’re into that sorta thing – fairly easy to setup, cathartic in its rhythm (weed, water, harvest, repeat…), and the payoff half-way through summer is a lot of fresh snacks! Pretty much every weekend… End-of-summer harvest of basil We had lots of caprese salad! It can be a good activity for the whole family too. Most of the work is on me, which is fine since »

Our First "Raised Bed" Garden

Last year was the first time we really tried to put in a garden. I did no reading at all, bought some “top soil” from Lowe’s, tilled a corner of the yard tucked behind the garage under a tree and… yeah. It didn’t do great. Go figure. This year, I did some actual reading first. One topic I kept coming across was raised garden beds. The main advantages are better drainage (in wet areas) and easier to setup (vs tilling hard soil/clay). I wanted to get the garden out into the middle of the yard, but it’ »