A (somewhat brief) intro to Code Katas, TDD and Red-Green-Refactor

Every few months, a nearby user group does a code kata du jour. Everyone pairs up, and uses common practices like TDD and red-green-refactor. A couple weeks ago, I was partnered with someone who hadn’t done this before, so I had the opportunity to talk him through it. Assuming you’re in the same boat (maybe you’re going to a user group where you’ll be doing a kata for the first time), you might be wondering what to expect when you get there. Let’s define some terms first So what exactly is unit testing, TDD, red-green-whatever, »

Code Katas and Craftsmanship

To me, software craftsmanship is about honing our craft as programmers. Kinda nebulous I suppose, but any purposeful effort to make yourself more knowledgeable, efficient, collaborative, communicative, etc can’t be a bad thing. One way to improve is through code kata exercises. The term “kata” originated with the martial arts, but in general it’s the concept of practicing the same moves repeatedly to improve your skills in a certain area. A code kata, more specifically, involves practicing the same programming exercise repeatedly, on your own or in pairs. And just like in life, it’s not about the »