Generating Morse Code on the Raspberry Pi Using a Button on a Breadboard

Last time, I created a morse code generator. It took user input from the console, translated it into morse code, and blinked an LED to “transmit” the message. I decided to build on that a bit, adding a button to the circuit that allows me to generate morse code from a button click. The clicks are read in by a GPIO pin, and interpreted by a Python script. Defining the Rules We should always figure out what a program is going to do before we start writing it, so here are a few rules to guide us: Dots and dashes »

Building a Morse Code Transmitter on a Raspberry Pi

Last week, I made the Raspberry Pi blink an LED a few times. As thrilling as that was ;) I almost immediately wanted something more. Note: Source code for this project is available on GitHub. Goals Setup a simple circuit (LED and resistor) using a breadboard Learn about Morse Code in order to correctly translate a sentence Manipulate the GPIO pins on the Raspberry Pi to send signals at intervals Get familiar with basic Python constructs, like dictionaries, functions and loops Setup To do this, a few things are necessary: Install Raspbian on the Pi (comes with Python 3 preinstalled) Get »