The Akron Code Club, Meeting New People, and the Unsplice Kata

The Akron Code Club had an amazing turnout Monday night. Roughly 30 people. I got to talk to Vince, who is just recently getting into C# and came out for his second time, Tasha who heads up the UX Akron user group, Stephanie who lives out of state and is currently attending the Software Craftsmanship Guild bootcamp in Akron… I always feel energized afterwards, getting to talk to people and find out where they’re at with things, which is saying something because I’m generally introverted and find talking to be draining. It’s just fun.. a bunch of »

Mocking Dependencies (silly dependency! um... not that kind of mocking)

The code in this post is also available on Github. In a mood at work the other day (after hunting down some obscure bug that would’ve been more apparent, had I had some relevant failing tests to point me in the right direction), I started back-filling old code with unit tests. That meant removing some dependencies on things I didn’t actually need to test, so I’ll post a few (contrived) examples. Don’t Rely on External Dependencies One of the most critical pieces of unit testing (although not overly complicated, as I’ll show) is mocking out »