My thoughts on Republic Wireless and the Moto E

I purchased a Moto E last week when Republic Wireless announced it as the new (least expensive) option in their lineup. Here are my initial thoughts after using the phone and their service for a mere week (I’ve already easily spent several hours configuring it every evening since it arrived). Disclosure: Let me apologize now if any of this sounds naive. It’s a result of my newbie marvel at what smart phones can do, as I am the last developer alive who still had a flip phone, as of last Friday. But no more! (Thanks, Verizon, for such »

Review: Visual Studio 2013 Cookbook, by Jeff Martins and Richard Banks

I was recently offered a complimentary copy of Visual Studio 2013 Cookbook. This was timely, since I focus primarily on the Microsoft stack and use Visual Studio 2012 daily, and our team at work is considering upgrading soon. Before you read further, note that this book is neither an in-depth guide to Visual Studio for someone who’s never used it before, nor a complete tutorial on the C# language, .NET 4.5 / 4.51, or any particular construct(s) therein. Instead, this book is split between general enhancements, such as the Quick Find box and continuous testing, and enhancements »