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Sometimes it's good to just sit back, reflect on where you've been and where you're going, and think about what you'd like to change tomorrow.

Avoiding tribal knowledge

When I was less skilled as a developer, it was enough to just stay afloat, learning what I needed for the current day or project. As my skill and confidence grows, I've come to appreciate the extra things in life - like a decent set of docs.
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The transient nature of code

I just did one of the worst things a dev can do to another dev. I deleted his code! It was good code, covered by dozens of tests... but it wasn't needed anymore. The nature of our work is that it's a progression, and any individual code is transient by nature. Today's code is tomorrow's refactoring.
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Neat Little Boxes

The last 6 months have seen a complete shift in how I work. My life was separated into a series of neat little boxes, I realize, but everything's blended now. Some of it's been great, but other parts, well.. it's a work in progress.
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