Understanding and Eliminating Technical Debt (Mark Heath)

Just completed the “Understanding and Eliminating Technical Debt” course by Mark Heath on Pluralsight. What is technical debt? I would imagine most of the I.T. community has heard of “technical debt” by now. The term originated about 20 years ago with Ward Cunningham. He was trying to explain to his boss about the benefits of refactoring a piece of software he was developing… financial software. (Get it? Financial Debt… Technical Debt…) As it turns out, the comparison really is a good one. Probably because we’ve all experienced financial debt to some extent. We go into financial debt when »

Scott Hanselman and Rob Conery, on Engaging with the Tech Community

When I started programming, I had no clue about the wider technical community. It was several years before I went to my first user group. Since then, I’ve found others (thank you Meetup). The format of each is a bit different, but I enjoy them all. But sometimes it’s hard to get away for an evening. We’ve all got busy schedules and other obligations contending for our time. I’ve got 4 kids, so there’s always something going on. How else can I get involved? What other opportunities are available? After watching Get Involved!, I realize »