Creating Your Own Indoor Vegetable Garden

Since building my first raised garden bed a couple years ago (there’s a second one next to it now), I’ve really enjoyed growing our own veggies. It’s a fun project if you’re into that sorta thing – fairly easy to setup, cathartic in its rhythm (weed, water, harvest, repeat…), and the payoff half-way through summer is a lot of fresh snacks! Pretty much every weekend… End-of-summer harvest of basil We had lots of caprese salad! It can be a good activity for the whole family too. Most of the work is on me, which is fine since »

Building a Model 4-Stroke Internal Combustion Engine (your car explodes gas 50x a second, how cool is that?!)

Garage sales are great for finding random, interesting things to do with the kids, usually for dirt cheap. Unless you run into one of those garage sales where everything’s only 5% off the original retail price… Folks, your garage sale is one step before the dumpster. Don’t try to fund next summer’s vacation. Make a few bucks, clear out the basement and enjoy a night at the movies. Splurge on a large popcorn and 80 oz drink. Thank you, that is all.* Last summer, I found this “Smithsonian Motor-Works” set for $5, which I figured was a »

Yes! My kids are finally old enough to help fix their own toys!

When you’ve got kids, every issue is more important than the last, and everything needs immediate attention. A snack, some juice, a game on the top shelf, a stuffed animal left out in the car. Missing lego pieces, missing puzzle pieces, and random pieces off.. something. A couch cushion fort that won’t stand on its own, kids that won’t respect couch fort territorial boundaries, and the toddler-couch-fort-destroyers who knock them down. So you do what you can to reduce the noise. Place cups and bowls closer to the ground, put cereal on the bottom shelf, organize the »