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As developers, we're always reading and learning, doing and failing, trying again and succeeding. There's always something to share, but some of those somethings are pretty small. If it's too small for a post of its own, it goes in "This Week I Learned".

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TWIL vol.5

This week I learned about malicious site blocklists and some APIs that might be interesting to dig into, read up on encoding vs encryption, and discovered a goofy Outlook bug and a workaround for it.
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TWIL vol.4

This week I discovered why VS 2022 won't show the Form designer in legacy (.NET Framework) WinForms apps (it's surpising but makes sense), as well as a new way to reign in YouTube by treating it as a feed in Inoreader. (life hack!)
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TWIL vol.2

A few things I learned this week.. Google delayed MV3 again; there's a great diagram showing all the HTTP response codes and when to use them; the Insight rover is now retired, but the data is available online
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