Setting up Windows 10 in a Virtual Machine (VMWare Player or Hyper-V Manager)

Windows 10 was officially released on July 30. You can download Windows 10 from Microsoft, but note that you will need a valid key to install it. There’s been some confusion about what Microsoft meant by “free upgrade”. Or you can download it from your MSDN account if you have one. The “multiple editions” option (4 GB download) worked for me (currently named “en_windows_10_multiple_editions_x64_dvd_6846432.iso”). If you’re not ready to take the plunge and update your PC yet, here are general instructions on how to configure a virtual machine, two different »

Installing Windows 3.1 in VMware Player

Every once in awhile it’s fun interesting in a nerdy way to check out some legacy technology and… I dunno… reminisce about the old days and how far we’ve come or some crap like that. Like the fact that the pen drive in my pocket is 10x bigger than the largest hard drives 15 years ago. I decided this week to install Windows 3.1 on a virtual machine. First, you’ll need to install DOS. When that’s done, power off the virtual machine. Requirements: VMware Player An instance of DOS 6.22 running in a virtual »

Installing DOS 6.22 in VMware Player

I started off looking at my MSDN account for a copy of Windows 98 to install some old software (compatibility mode under Windows 7 didn’t work), and noticed the only versions of Windows available are 7, 8 and….. 3.11. Ooo, I already have Windows 8 running in a virtual machine. Why not fire up Win 3.11? This was back in the days when Windows ran on top of DOS though, so I needed to install DOS 6.22 first. Should be easy. Oh, but MSDN and TechNet only provide floppy disk images (IMG files) for the upgrade »