Taming Twitter's New UI


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The majestic, honking goose - Twitter's new mascot, lol.

When I originally wrote a browser extension to hide parts of the Twitter UI, I was actually still using Twitter, which helped motivate me. I quit using it at the start of this year, so when they decided to revamp their UI (a fugly update which broke my extension), I found it nearly impossible to care.

At first, I updated the Readme file on GitHub to say, "I no longer use Twitter. You shouldn't either. This probably won't get updated." But after a few weeks, and a few comments from users, I got to thinking... if I have the ability to make a fundamentally broken experience at least nominally better, then isn't it worth a few evenings to do it?

What do you think? If you have the skillset to make something better, do you have an obligation to do it? Or at least a nagging pseudo-responsibility? Maybe that's too dramatic... how about a guilty twinge in your left pinky toe? An itch above your right eyebrow?


Hopefully my experience improves someone else's experience. Get it for Firefox or Chrome (which works in Brave and Opera too), and let me know what you think.


Grant Winney

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