The Little Things #2

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It's tough to believe we're in June already. Maybe it doesn't feel like it's nearly summer because our summer rituals haven't really started! Amusement parks aren't open and there's no neighborhood yard sales, but at least you're free to invite your 9 closest friends to a barbecue... as long as they eat in a circle that spaces them 6 feet apart. lol

Reacting to React

Alright, I want to stay focused on accomplishments, starting with the ending. It feels like the stars align, when a PR I submitted is working, fully tested, and approved and merged before the end of the day on Friday. It doesn't happen often, but it did today. It's like having 40 browser tabs open and closing them all. Sighhh

This week was all about requesting data, granting access to those requests, and mocking the requests for unit tests. (Never forget the tests!) I also got to implement routing, which was easier than I thought it'd be. It's interesting how React intercepts the URL and maintains browser history, while (re)loading components to dynamically build the page.

Being Judgmental

It was also time to judge for the Ohio Academy of Science again. There was one project that completely blew me away, involving neural networks, detecting bacteria by image, and using a Raspberry Pi to test water samples and transmit the results to utility companies. A life-saving idea. 🤯

The level of research and design that went into testing its feasibility was astounding. If only I had had that kind of focus in high school... or even the opportunity. If stuff like this was going on back then, no one told me about it.

Technical Failure

Oh, and I got this popup when I was trying to sign up for health coverage some time back. I have no idea what's taking so long to load, but someone decided asking users to wait 20 seconds for a page to load was better than fixing the actual problem. 🤣


Grant Winney

I write when I've got something to share - a personal project, a solution to a difficult problem, or just an idea. We learn by doing and sharing. We've all got something to contribute.

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