Imagine you woke this morning to find out someone you trusted had posted an embarrassing photo of you online. Wait, not one - there were dozens, posted over several years! These were times when you were frustrated, or sad, or just doing something silly in a moment that was never meant to be shared with the world. A cursory search of social media by anyone using your name will absolutely turn these up.

What do you do?

You could demand your friend take them down, but they've been "liked" and "shared" a thousand times. You could try flagging them for removal, but someone turned a few into memes and they've taken on a life of their own now. Those images aren't going away anytime soon. Welcome to the Internet, where there are sites that archive other sites. It's how things work now. How frustrating!

So my question is...

How is it any different when you share embarrassing photos of your own kids?

Most of us wouldn't post photos of our friends and family publicly without thinking about how it'd affect them. Or if we do, we don't make very good friends or family.

But a lot of people don't seem to think twice about their kids. Think back to when you started high school, or interviewed for your first job. Now imagine the other kids could all see when you threw a tantrum at 5, or your new coworkers could watch that ridiculous dance you used to do when you were 8.

Our parents took photos and videos, but they didn't post them online... there was no "online"! Our kids are growing up in a world we didn't even think about, much less worry about, and I'm not sure many of us are ready for it.

Think twice before hitting that "upload" or "post" button.