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Just some things I learned this week. Oh hey, that'd be a good name for the title.

(What about you? What'd you learn this week?)

VS 2022 doesn't support old WinForms apps

After upgrading some projects at work to target .NET 6 instead of .NET Core 3.1 (which reached end of support a month ago), I sent a quick message to my teammates about installing VS 2022, which is required to work on .NET 6 apps.

That brought up a question about whether we'd be able to use VS 2022 to work on our main WinForms app, which works just fine on VS 2019. A few of us had poked at it before, but VS 2022 won't show any of the Forms in the designer view. Up til now, we weren't sure if it was just us or everyone. It's everyone.

The reason why is explained by a couple Microsoft developers in this thread. I wrote more about it in a post of my own, along with a summary of what they shared and a simple example that recreates the problem.

Why doesn’t VS 2022 show my WinForms UI at design time?
I opened a legacy WinForms app in VS2022, just to be greeted by white screens of brokenness when viewing any of the Forms. Here’s why.

Taming YouTube with Inoreader

I've been using Inoreader for quite awhile, mainly because it allows more feeds on the free tier and is less expensive if I decide to move to the paid tier than Feedly, which was previous favorite. This week I discovered something great - you can add YouTube channels as feeds! Not sure if this works in other readers like Feedly..

There's a few channels I love to watch, whether it's Fr Mike Schmitz and his team for inspiration or Ryan George and his.. uh... alternate personalities for entertainment. But one of the big challenges with YouTube (and any other successful social media site) is that they're so good at keeping you hooked.

Now I don't have to visit YouTube to see if there's any new videos and then get bombarded with other stuff, or have the app on my phone and risk getting notifications I don't need. I can just check Inoreader and look for something good to read... or watch, depending on my mood. 🙂

Oh, and for those times when you do visit the site, I highly recommend getting an extension like DF Tube (Distraction Free YouTube). It cuts out a huge percentage of the distractions that keep you on the site for way longer than you intended!


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