TWIL vol.6 (GitHub, 2FA... and lunar standard time?)

This week I learned that GitHub wasn't requiring 2FA yet (but will soon), and the moon may need its own timezones (to the dismay of devs everywhere).

TWIL vol.6 (GitHub, 2FA... and lunar standard time?)
Photo by NASA / Unsplash

GitHub will require 2FA (wait, it didn't?)

I'm not surprised GitHub is requiring 2FA, but I'm a little surprised it didn't a long time ago. Especially considering it's heavily used by techie types, it doesn't seem like a big deal to make it required. Having extra protection to prevent someone from uploading bad code into some library a hundred other apps use is a no-brainer.

Raising the bar for software security: GitHub 2FA begins March 13 | The GitHub Blog
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If you're interested in other ways to protect your account, I wrote a few years ago about the variety of tools GitHub gives us to be more secure.

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And if you really want to get into the weeds on this, and find out more about how you can generate 2FA codes, I wrote a little about that too.

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I’ve been using 2FA on every site that supports it for quite some time, but I’d never given much thought to how a 2FA code is created. It’s magic! Or is it?
How to generate and verify TOTP 2FA codes (in C#)
I previously wrote about how to create a TOTP 2FA code for your app, and I mentioned that I’d like to work out an implementation in C#. Here it is!

Timezones on the moon

Timezones are already painful to program around, but it might get even more complicated in a few years. As we get more serious about the moon, the world is going to have to agree on how to keep time there, and whether the moon needs one or more timezones. Will there be a UTC to Lunar Standard Time conversion be? Will the ISO8601 standard accomodate the moon?? What happens when we go to Mars??? 😵‍💫

Oh well, it's a problem for NASA, ESA, SpaceX and whoever else to figure out, I suppose. Until the moon gets lunar dealerships, drive throughs, insurance companies, and all the other mundane stuff that requires the services of the rest of us developers, most of us won't have to worry about it. 🌙

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