Posts like these are self-indulgent, but it's healthy to reflect on what you've accomplished so you realize your progress. We don't take enough time to do that.

I've been thinking a lot over the past month, especially since I pushed myself to write about 15 APIs in 15 days, about blogging more. I won't bore you with my personal goals or anything, but I came across a good resource called Hit Subscribe. The author, Erik, has a separate blog I enjoy reading too, but this one is focused on smart blogging. My favorite takeaway so far is to consider who you're writing for and how you're helping them.

Who wants to read about this? Who’s going to learn? Don’t say “developers,” and don’t say “techies.” Picture a person, at their job, with a specific problem. Why will this post help them? How will it change the way they approach their work? Will it be educational for them? Or maybe cathartic?

If you're considering blogging yourself, check out his tips.

I finished up a desk I started last weekend. We homeschool, and my wife asked for a better desk than the two small ones we picked up used a couple years ago. I wanted it to be versatile and support our younger kids when they were old enough to start school too. Mission accomplished, I think.

The finishing touch was drilling a couple holes (it took me a second to touch that spade bit to the newly polyurethaned surface) for power strips. Well, the finishing finishing touch will be running electric to a new outlet under the table tomorrow, so I don't have cords running to the wall as a tripping hazard.