Grant Winney

I write when I've got something to share - a personal project, a solution to a difficult problem, or just an idea. We learn by doing and sharing. We've all got something to contribute.

Articles of Grant Winney

The Little Things #2

It's tough to believe we're in June already. Maybe part of the reason it doesn't feel like it's nearly summer is because our summer rituals haven't really started. There's still a lot to celebrate this week though....
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Your fast, my slow

Do you ever wonder if some end-user is sitting at their desk right now, eye twitching spasmodically while a screen you helped write takes 30 seconds to load, cursing your name and the names of your children for all eternity?...
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Buying, building, and something in between

It's good to push yourself to learn more, to try something new even knowing you might fail. On the other hand, there's a wisdom in accepting that someone else already honed the skills we're after, and take advantage of that. And maybe there's something in between - a best of both worlds....
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The Little Things #1

The course of our lives seem to follow Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. When we sit back and think about where life is going, momentum ceases. And when we commit to a choice, we don't care where we're standing but just speed off in the next direction. And I haven't even had a beer yet....
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