Privacy Policy

My policy on privacy? It's good! So in the interest of full disclosure...

I occasionally include affiliate links for services I find useful and want to share. These links don't increase your cost at all, but using them helps pay for this blog and the time I put into it. Thanks!

Privacy / Tracking

In an ideal world, I wouldn't use anything that tracks you or has privacy issues, but this isn't an ideal world, sooo...

  • Disqus - I like getting comments, and Ghost doesn't have a built-in comment system. Not sure what they track, but no doubt they are.
  • Facebook - Disqus includes buttons for sharing my posts with your social media. The Facebook one seems to make Brave unhappy, so I assume it's tracking something. Right, Facebook and privacy issues.. shocker. 🤯

Don't like ads and tracking?

To block trackers across the web, use Brave and DuckDuckGo. Brave blocks ads by default, although there's some nice extensions out there for Chrome and Firefox too.

Keep in mind that blocking all ads for all sites all the time, but still expecting the content to be high-quality and free, is just not realistic in the long run... but we'll see what the future holds!


Grant Winney

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