Privacy Policy

My policy on privacy? It's good! So in the interest of full disclosure...

Privacy / Tracking

I use services like Fathom Analytics and Hyvor Talk (for comments) to help make this site better and improve your experience, while also respecting everyone's privacy as much as possible.

The contact form provided by 123FormBuilder has its own privacy policy, which is only relevant if you use it to reach out to me.

I occasionally include affiliate links for products and services I find useful and want to share. These links don't increase your cost at all, but using them helps pay for this blog and the time I put into it.


I partnered with EthicalAds to display small and unobtrusive, technical (mostly software development) ads. Unlike other advertising networks, they strive to be privacy-friendly, relevant, and adhere to the Acceptable Ads Standard.

If you don't like ads, there are plenty of tools and addons to block them. I use Brave, but set it to leave ads unblocked by default, and then block ads for sites that I frequent but have partnered with advertising networks going for quantity over quality. I don't need to see ads for lingerie and colon cleaning products ever.

Keep in mind that blocking all ads for all sites all the time, but still expecting the content to be high-quality and free, when servers and domains and other tools all cost money, is just not realistic in the long run.