Is there anything more satisfying than sharing knowledge? Of showing someone the ropes, and witnessing their "ah ha" moment?

From the time we learn to talk, whenever we discover something new, the first thing we want to do is tell someone about it! It shouldn't be any different just because we're adults. In fact, that drive to learn and share should only increase as we get older. There was a time when we knew nothing - not even that learning and knowing was a thing - but by virtue of our nature we did it anyway.

One of my favorite quotes is by Astronaut Mike Massimino, in Spaceman:

In the shuttle era, NASA got caught up making nuts-and-bolts justifications about why we go to space when the real answer is just because. We go because we go. We do it because we do it. Because human beings have always done it. It's the reason we first left the caves and poked our heads around the next corner to try to see what the world was about.

I write about whatever happens to be on my mind, usually technology, frequently programming, sometimes woodworking... but no promises. We're driven to learn and share - who knows what we'll learn together? I hope you found something interesting here!

And don't fall into the "I'm just not a <fill-in-the-blank> person" trap. (As much a reminder for me as anyone else.) We learn by doing. We've all got something to contribute.

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And if that's not enough, check out the top-right corner of any page. :)

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