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Sponsors / Sponsored Posts

Just to be upfront, this is a smalltime blog. I share my ideas, thoughts, and walkthroughs of various technologies. My interests are in APIs, the Raspberry Pi, being as frugal with our data and time as many of us are with money... and whatever I happen to stumble across in a given week.

Here's a few samples of my writing. I can be opinionated, but don't post overly controversial pieces.. nothing I wouldn't want my kids reading.


I don't do much to promote my content, as the organic growth I've experienced over the years from visitors who find the content useful has been enough for me. I offer a weekly/monthly newsletter with recent posts.

The following stats are from a self-hosted instance of Fathom Analytics, a visitor-friendly alternative to Google Analytics. I compared the data for several months before making the switch a few years ago, and they're comparable. Actually, Fathom honors Do Not Track requests, so if anything the numbers are probably a little low.

  • Most weekends see roughly 300 unique visitors and 350 page views.
  • Most weekdays see roughly 500 unique visitors and 550 page views.


The reasonable placement for an ad - preferably text and maybe with a small accompanying image - would be near the top. It provides guaranteed visibility when the page loads, but doesn't get in the way of the content either.

All of this is a discussion to be had though. I reserve the right to not accept sponsorship for a product or service that I do not agree with, or would not recommend to a friend or colleague. And you, of course, reserve the right to back out of sponsorship as you like.

If yours is a product or service that I find personally useful, I may write about it just in the natural course of things. If you'd like me to try it out and write about it, we can discuss terms around that as well - I enjoy learning, understanding, and sharing with others.


If you're still interested, reach out using the contact page or just send an email to "webmaster" at this domain.