Chrome Extensions: A Peek Under the Hood

Are you curious about what exactly is in those Chrome extensions and apps you use? Have you ever installed something from the Chrome web store and wondered just what exactly it’s doing? (You should.) Maybe you’re curious how a feature was developed, or you’re looking for ideas. Maybe you’re concerned about the numerous permissions it’s requesting, or you’ve read some disconcerting reviews and you’re worried about what the developer may be doing without your knowledge. Any time we install software, we place ourselves at someone else’s mercy. Yes, bugs happen. At best, »

Securing Android on a Moto E (a walk through the Security settings)

I’m still fairly new to Android, and keep stumbling over features I didn’t know exist. Like last week, when I found and enabled the encryption feature. (And then factory reset the phone to disable it after noticing a performance hit. Ugh.) But it got me wondering what other features Android has provided for (reasonable) protection. So here’s a list of the reasonably fast, easy stuff to setup… shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to run down the list. Notes: To access security settings, open the Settings application and scroll down to the Security section. Also, I’ »

So. Many. Apps!! But should you really trust them all?

I just purchased a smart phone running Android last week, so of course I’ve been eagerly running through Google Play (the Android app store) every evening, looking for apps I never even knew I needed. Just. One. More. As of writing this, there are nearly 1.4 million apps in Google Play, and it grows every day. Google’s hosting them, so they must be safe, right? tl;dr... NO! The general rule I follow is to assume any app could be malicious, then try to prove that it’s unlikely. Here are a few things you might consider »