What if I've lost access to my Mozilla Addons account?

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I recently realized that somehow, in the 6 months since I last logged into my Mozilla developer account, none of my short list of emails would let me back in.

As with any company who offers free software to the masses, it was a little tough trying to find just who to ask for help. I stumbled on Mozilla's Discourse board, and posted my situation there. Caitlin, a Community Manager at Mozilla and a moderator on the board, was kind enough to point me in the right direction.

Hey @grantwinney, can you email amo-admins [at] mozilla [dot] org with this information and include the email addresses you think you used with your account? The admins might be able to help you out.

According to their wiki, that email is their support mailing list. So I did as she said and included my usual email addresses, and in short order heard back from Philipp, who also works for Mozilla. (You can find the whole team along with a bunch of other related info too.)

Hi Grant, we've received this request, apparently from you. The email address to use is **********@*****. If it says there is no account, please create a new account and you will regain access to your add-ons. Thanks, Philipp

There you have it. If you lose access, try emailing the amo-admins list. Or if you only have one email address, try creating a new account with it. I had to create a new account using the email address they said was attached to my addons, and sure enough I regained access and was able to update it again! Weird.

Kudos to the Mozilla staff. I got very prompt and personal help... thanks!!

I mean, seriously.. ever had a problem with Google's services? Good freaking luck ever finding an official support link... your best bet are public forums where a hundred other users have had the same problem going back 10 years and no one has an answer. But I digress... ;)


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