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Praise for Laudate

People everywhere are desperately in need of things to be hopeful for. For Catholics, with a rich tradition going back thousands of years, it's not a question of whether there are resources, but where to find them. The Laudate app (Latin for "praise") can help with that!...
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What's a code review?

Does the idea of submitting to a code review make you sweat bullets? Or do you brush it off as a necessary evil? It should be a (hopefully positive) conversation, wherein the team agrees to the code they're all going to have to help maintain, and maybe learns something new too....
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The transient nature of code

I just did one of the worst things a dev can do to another dev. I deleted his code! It was good code, covered by dozens of tests... but it wasn't needed anymore. The nature of our work is that it's a progression, and any individual code is transient by nature. Today's code is tomorrow's refactoring....
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