Hide Google Doodles

If you find those cutesie Google doodles distracting (especially the animated ones), then this extension's for you. It simply replaces doodles with the default logo, for a less distracting search experience. It also sets the logo to the default in Gmail.

  • Available for Firefox.
  • Available for Chrome. (To hide doodles on the New Tab page, click the "Customize this page" gear icon in the lower right corner and choose a color or image, or upload your own.)
  • Chrome extensions work natively in Brave.
  • Chrome extensions work in Opera with an additional extension. You'll also have to right-click the extension icon, go to Manage Extensions, and select "Allow access to search page results".

You can read more about my first attempt using CSS, and then my second attempt using JS (with better results).

Source Code

The source code is available on GitHub. It uses JavaScript to rebuild the default logo, then insert it into the page in place of the doodle.


It requests permission to read and change data on google.com and a couple hundred similarly named domains (google.ca, google.es, etc), because it's modifying the HTML on those domains (by replacing the doodle element).

Contributions / Questions

If you have a fix, open a PR in GitHub. If you have a question or comment, open an issue. I'll get to things as time permits.


Grant Winney

Is there anything more satisfying than sharing knowledge? Of teaching someone and witnessing their "ah ha" moment? I usually write about tech, but no promises. I hope you find something interesting!